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About Lish


Here's my story on how and why I started my fitness journey. During my pregnancy in 2011, I gained 44 pounds. After giving birth to my son, I was very unhappy with my body. I had only dropped 13 pounds. A month or two later, I dropped 10 more pounds but was still overweight for my height. I tried being patient, thinking the weight would continue to drop but two years later I was still missing my pre-baby weight, which was 149 pounds. I was determined to reshape my body. I began by changing my eating habits. I became vegan and exercised a few days a week. I lost body fat, gained muscle and went down to 143 pounds. It was then when I developed a passion for health & fitness . Today I am 159 pounds, just 1 pound away from my goal weight. I knew there were women just like me who wanted to reshape their bodies after pregnancy. I created SHAPED in 2016 and have been helping women regain confidence and love for themselves. My goal is to reach as many women as I possibly can, building a sisterhood every step of the way. 

What is SHAPED ?


SHAPED is a lifestyle changing experience for women that encourages, uplifts, and empowers on their path to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We have services that fit every women's needs and preferences, from weight loss & toning to body weight and intense shape training to circuit training,  HIIT and more. We carry our own products, offering  holistic meal plans, safe and effective customized herbal detox tea, smoothies, and a delicious and healthy meal prepping service. 

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