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SHAPEMe™ Smoothie Pack

Order all four of our delicious smoothies and find which one you love the most. Vegan, soy free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-gmo ingredients. 

WAKEMe Smoothie: made with our SHAPEMe™ Tea's, WakeMe Blend and sea moss, with added fruits, veggies and the right complex carbs to help get your day started right. This is your morning drink. Great for on the go lifestyles.

CLEANSEMe Smoothie: made with our SHAPEMe™ Tea's, CleanseMe Blend and sea moss, with added kidney, colon, and liver cleanings fruits and veggies to safelty detox the body and remove harmful toxins. Can be a good p.m. snack.

PREPAREMe  Smoothie: made with the right pre-workout ingredients with added calorie burning spices, complex carbs and healthy fats to prepare you for your upcoming workout. Drink before your workout.

RECOVERMe Smoothie: made with high quality vegan protein with added post-workout ingredients, fruits, veggies, and glutamine to help with your recovery. Drink after your workout.