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The SHAPEMe Juice Cleanse

The SHAPEMe Juice Cleanse


The SHAPEMe Juice Cleanse features 6 juices and 1 immunity shot. This cleanse is loaded w/ vitamins, calcium, protein, magnesium and potassium and helps boost your energy & immunity, aid in digestion, detox your colon, remove excess waste from intentions, eliminate toxins, fight parasites and cleanse the palate. Each Juice has at least 3 stars for energy, detox, immunity, degestion and skin. 


Our immunity shot features lemon, lime, ginger, cayenne pepper and half orange. 




The WAKEMe Juice (8a)

The NOURISHMe Juice (10a)

The IMPROVEMe Juice (12p)

The BOOSTMe Juice (2p)

The CLEANSEMe Juice (4p)

The RECOVERMe Juice (6p)



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