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In the past 30 years, the percentage of children affected by obesity has doubled and tripled among adolescents. It continues to rise due to the drastic decrease in physical activity in schools and the increase in sedentary lifestyles at home.

Youth fitness is a vital component of any child’s growth and development. It helps children cope with stress, improves concentration in school, promotes healthy growth, increases strength in muscles and bones and most importantly helps establish healthy lifestyle patterns. Children who exercise at a young age will carry this healthy behavior and its benefits into their adulthood.

CHACE & his mother, Personal Trainer & Youth Fitness Specialist, Alisha Renee presents SHAPEDKida fitness program that engages and empowers youth using creative, integrated approaches to physical activity. It instills the value of health and addresses motor development youth resistance and cardiovascular training.


Stay tuned for health- and skill-related activities, organized age-appropriate fitness programs, free giveaways, fun and exciting workouts, fun facts, healthy food choices and for Chace's journey to reaching all of his business goals. 

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