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The SHAPEMe    Workout Plan is an invigorating and intense workout. It's specifically designed to blast fat and create lean sexy curves with intense shape training exercises. Each week your plan is manipulated to confuse your muscles which is key to great results. Your plan will consist of core training to strengthen and slim your waistline and upper & lower body sculpting exercises to burn fat and build curves. Most importantly, your plan will be designed to fit YOU. Your body type, specific goals, special needs and limitations are all taken into consideration when designing your program. You can feel comfortable knowing this plan will be YOUR plan!

What you will get:

Customized Workout Plan 

designed specifically to fit your body type, goals, needs, and limitations and an extra 3 month plan on how to continue to train for your specific goal

Holistic ShapeMe Meal Plan 

(vegan, vegetarian, or classic)

Success Tracker

the need to know info on how to successfully track your progress to get great results and information to help you understand your program