Personal Training in a group setting!
Abs, Abs, Abs

This class focuses on proper contractions of the abdominal area as well as strengthening of the core. This class is generally slow, controlled and incorporates Pilates style movements.

SHAPEMe (lower body circuit)

This class is the perfect combination of abdominal and glute exercises that rounds out the glutes while narrowing the waist-line. 

SHAPEMe (upper body circuit)

This class is a fat burning, upper body sculpting class

SHAPEMe (full body circuit)

This class is a timed burst of cardiovascular work mixed with resistance training exercises to blast fat and build sexy curves. 

SHAPEMe (add on challenge/full body circuit)

This is a fast paced action packed class where exercises are continuously added for 45 minutes straight with no breaks! This format will make you the perfect combination of sweaty and sore. Bring your water and your game face for this non-stop cardio workout. 

Class has been put on hold until further notice. Working on something good for my SHAPED GIRLS!