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Have you gained weight during this quarantine and struggling to stay active? Do you want to come out of quarantine looking good?

Why haven't you downloaded the SHAPEDBYLISH Fitness App? You'll double your productivity and achieve your fitness goals while working less and still getting results. 

I know, I know... not knowing how to design an effective workout plan can be a headache. Where do you even begin? Well, let me handle that for you. 

I am going to design your plan so well that you will learn how to do it on your own in the future. My programs have helped many people lose body fat, lose unwanted pounds, and even gain muscle in all the right places. 

And not only is this possible for you but I have created workout plans to help you accomplish all of that and some. 

Bottom line: You need a well designed, effective workout plan that fits your body type, fitness goals, and limitations in order to get real results. 

Are you ready to stop doing mediocre workouts? Ones that don't get you results? Do you want to learn how to design the perfect workout plan to reach your fitness goals? Do you want to reach your goals while working less and still getting results? Then sign up for my PRO Plus membership. 


Introducing the SHAPEDBYLISHFitness App, the most comprehensive, innovative, and multifaceted fitness platform with over 4500+ clear 3D instructional videos, female and male virtual trainer, nutritional guidance, social community, progress tracker metrics, pre-designed (body weight, strength training, yoga, cardio-based, home/gym) workouts, monthly challenges and more. 

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I used these same creative designs to lose 33 pounds. Yes, after having my son, I did not lose my baby weight like everyone thought I would. I had to put in WORK. I gained 44 pounds when I was pregnant and only lost 13 pounds after having him. I needed to feel like me again so I started working out, changed my diet and stayed consistent. And now I am happily maintaining my goal weight! 

I'm going to give you the exact creativity I used to lose those unwanted pounds and help you gain muscle in the right places. Do you want a bigger butt, slimmer waistline, toned arms, a stronger core, and an overall healthy weight? The PRO Plus plan is for you! 

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PRO $14.99

(value $19.99)

Full access to 4500+ exercise library, nutritional guidance, full progress metrics, social community, pre-designed workouts, monthly challenges 

PRO Plus $59.99

(value $99 or more)

Personalized online training program designed to fit your goals, SHAPEMe meal plan, direct access to trainer, full access to 4500+ exercise library, nutritional guidance, full progress metrics, social community, pre-designed workouts, monthly challenges 

Here's all the AMAZINGness you'll get..




Body weight, weight training, cardio, core, HIIT, home or gym workouts are included.

All you have to do is follow along the workout videos! 

Connect your fitness tracking device to more accurately track your workout progress, heart rate and steps. 




  • Accurately track calories burned, total exercise time, miles traveled and steps

  • Track heart rate if connected to a fitness tracking device

  • Record progress day by day in the activity calendar

  • Monitor performance, weight, and body composition in the Performance Statistics graphs




  • Monitor your nutrition quickly and easily with the Food app calorie counter.

  • Scan a barcode or input a food item

  • Adjust your macronutrient breakdown according to your goals (lose weight, gain or maintain)

  • Compare calories burned in your workout to calories consumed

  • Customized nutrition plans available


















nutrition app.PNG


  • Get awarded for your hard work and consistency with the Personal Achievement Rewards

  • Follow and support your friends on their fitness 

  • Post motivational quotes, transformation pics, and statues that fit your mood.

Click the link and read the descriptions for each package before purchasing. Once you make a purchase, download the SHAPEDBYLISH™ App, an email will be on it's way for you to activate your account. 

Meet your trainer, Lish!

me right 4.PNG

Hey guys, I am a certified Personal Trainer and Hourglass Workout Instructor. I specialize in helping women, especially mothers, rebuild confidence, get back in shape, and create a healthy lifestyle. I promise to motivate, inspire, and push you to reach your fitness goals. 

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