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Today IS Your Day

To START Fresh

To EAT Clean


To LIVE Healthy

To BE Proud


Helping women Build CONFIDENCE & CURVES !

What is SHAPED?

SHAPED is a lifestyle changing experience for women that encourages, uplifts and empowers on their path to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We have services that fit every women's needs and preferences, from weight loss & toning to body weight and intense shape training to circuit training, boxing, HIIT and more. We carry our own products, offering  holistic meal plans, safe and effective customized herbal detox tea, homemade plant-based milks, smoothies, and a delicious brunch menu. 

The SHAPED Studio

This is not your traditional or typical fitness studio. With its boutique style, full kitchen and patio, our studio IS a lifestyle. Our boutique experience is much more intimate and precisely meets your needs and expectations. The SHAPED Studio specializes in Shape Training, therabody & stretch therapy and post-workout fuel. Each workout is designed to fit your unique body type, fitness level, goals and abilities. You will definitely be pushed to your limits in the most unique way with a vibrant routine that fits your fitness goals. We end each session in the SHAPED Kitchen where your post-workout smoothie is prepared and served. You choose what you want in your smoothie down to the flavor of protein powder. You no longer have to stress about your post-workout fuel, we have that covered. BOOK your consultation and let's discuss your health & fitness goals!


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